Can I use my domain name for my new website?

There are different scenarios when it comes to keeping or transferring the domain name you have been using for your ChoicePro website by BookingSuite:

My domain name ends with

If your domain name ends with, it means BookingSuite automatically generated this domain name when you signed up for ChoicePro. In this case, your domain name cannot be used for your new website

We advise you to register a new domain name with your preferred domain name registrar.

I am the owner of my domain name

If you are the current owner of your domain name, you can use it for your new website.

Once your new website is ready in your new platform, please update your domain name’s DNS records accordingly under your control panel / domain settings. 

I don’t know who the owner of my domain name is

If you are not sure about your domain name’s ownership, please follow these instructions.

Once you know who your domain name’s owner is, you can contact them directly for support or obtain credentials to access your control panel / domain settings. 

BookingSuite is the owner of my domain name

If BookingSuite registered your domain name when you signed up for ChoicePro, you can keep the domain name by transferring it to a new domain provider of your choice.

  1. You need to create an account with your preferred domain name provider. Once your account is created you can begin the process of transferring your domain name’s ownership. 
  2. You should have received an EPP code (Authorization key) via email from BookingSuite. This code is unique to your domain name and is needed in order to transfer the domain name’s ownership from BookingSuite to you. 
  3. Use the EPP code in your new domain name provider’s portal and complete the domain name ownership transfer. Make sure that your account details such as email, name, and address (created in Step 1) are reflected to show the domain name now belongs to you.


Once you have successfully claimed ownership of your domain name, to avoid any website downtime, your DNS records will have to be re-implemented. To keep your ChoicePro website content visible, re-enter your domain name’s DNS settings to the following:

  • @A record should point to
  • www CNAME should point to

Otherwise, if you already have a new website provider by the time of the domain name transfer, you can already configure the DNS records to redirect to your new site. 

Please note that a domain name transfer can take from 7-14 days to be completed. 

If you need help when transferring a domain name we strongly advise you to check the Help Center of your preferred domain name provider or contact them directly for assistance

In case you did not receive the EPP code from BookingSuite or the code is malfunctioning, please contact us to request an (new) EPP code.