How to back up the content of your ChoicePro website

A backup of your published website content and analytics can be created using the backup buttons found in your Back Office. 

To create a backup of your published website content, please follow these steps.

To create a backup of your website analytics, please follow these steps.


NOTE: Hidden articles cannot be backed up using this feature. You will need to copy content from any hidden articles manually.

  1. Log into your Back Office
  2. Click on ‘Back up content’ found on the top menuChoicePro_BO_menu.png
  3. A browser window will open with a message similar to the one below: Backup_website_content_screenshot.png
  4. Tick the Captcha box and click ‘Back Up Now’
    • The following message will appear on the pageWe_are_creating_a_backup_of_your_website_screenshot.png
  5. Depending on how much content is in your website, this could take up to 10 minutes. After that much time, refresh the page until you see ‘Backup complete’      backup_complete_screenshot.png
  6. Click on ‘Download Backup File’ 
    • A zip folder of your website backup will download to your computer
  7. Extract the compressed files by double clicking on the zip folder and saving these to a new folder on your computer 



  1. Log into your Back Office 
  2. Click ‘Analytics’ found on the top menuanalytics_backup_button_screenshot.png
  3. Click on ‘Back up Analytics’
  4. A pdf screenshot of the active Analytics page will download to your computer
    • The default date range shows the last 30 days. You can change the date range (next to the ‘Back up button’) based on your preference
    • You can do a back up for each of the Analytics sections (Website visitors, Sales report, Visitor behavior) and their respective tabs