Revamped Choice Reviews Widget

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

BookingSuite recently updated the Choice reviews widget on your ChoicePro website.  If your property belongs to a brand within the Choice group of brands, you would already see the changes on your property’s site.

The updated widget is more engaging, more relevant and is aimed at providing a better experience to site visitors. The underlying information - ie your review scores remain the same but are presented on a 10 point system rather than with the 5 stars that were in use before.

Additionally, visitors will also be able to sort the reviews based on recency or review score number, making the information more usable for them.


How does this impact my ChoicePro Website?

All ChoicePro by BookingSuite websites will have the new Choice Reviews Widget. The new widget appears on the home page and under the reviews page on your site. 

There is no change to the appearance of the reviews widget. Both the reviews widget and the Choice reviews widget remain optional and can be added or removed by you through the ChoicePro Back Office.

What do I need to do?

Nothing at all. The updated widget has already been released for all ChoicePro sites and we have performed the requisite tests to ensure that the change does not affect the performance of your site in any way. 

When will the changes take place?

The changes have been implemented beginning  Wednesday 24th July and have been completed.


What does the new widget look like?

The Choice Reviews Widget on the reviews page will present an overall score out of 10 in a blue box that will draw the user’s attention. Under the overall score, other details such as the number of reviews, the percentage of recommenders and the verified reviews logo will add credibility. 

Alongside this, there will be a score for particular topics, each also out of 10. Lastly, as a new feature, visitors will be able to use a drop-down selector to sort the reviews by recency and rating score. 

The Home Page widget will be a compressed version of the reviews page widget with only the overall score visible.