Choice Hotels Change Of Brand Guidelines - Impact for your ChoicePro Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

Choice Hotels International recently announced a new set of brand guidelines for the Comfort group of brands (the impacted brands - Comfort Hotel, Comfort Hotel and Suites, Comfort Inn, Comfort Inn and Suite, Comfort Resort, and Comfort Suite). If your property belongs to one of these brands, you might already be aware of this and are probably implementing changes across your property.

How does this impact my ChoicePro Website?

All ChoicePro by BookingSuite websites using the brands listed above are under the purview of these new guidelines. These sites will have to implement a series of visual changes including a new logo, a new layout, brand colors, and a new favicon. Each of these is part of the guidelines implemented by Choice Hotels International.

What do I need to do?

Nothing at all. At BookingSuite, we realize that making brand changes to a website can be a challenging task. Therefore we are happy to make the changes on your behalf. We will make all the brand-related changes including your logo, favicon, colors, and layout so that your site remains compliant with the Choice Brand Guidelines. We will also test your sites before publishing the changes to ensure that the site pages, reservation flow, and your content are not disrupted in any way.

When will the changes take place?

We will implement all site changes before  Monday, 17 June  2019.  We are working through a number of sites during this time and impacted sites will be published with the new brand elements one-by-one. Therefore, while some Comfort brand properties might see their changes before or after you, but we will complete every site by 17 June.

Will I still have control of my content?

Yes - you will control the content of your site in very much the same way as you do today. The basic layout of the website is implemented as per directions and approval from the Choice Hotels HQ. However, you can, and should continually update your website with fresh content and photos and create new pages to showcase your unique offerings. Here’s a set of helpful articles to help you develop content for your site.

What do I need to know in order to remain compliant when making changes?

The new site blueprint, logo and colour coding is approved by the Choice International brand team. Together with BookingSuite, these were developed to follow the latest 2019 digital brand guidelines. We strongly recommend not to make changes to your website layout and primary colour to remain compliant to the brand. We are looking into developing more approved layouts in the coming months so you can have some additional visual flexibility.