Visitor behavior

In the ‘Analytics’ tab of your BackOffice you can find the section ‘Visitor behavior’. This section displays an overview of how your website visitors made use of your website.

You can see in a funnel visualization how many people visited your website, continued to search and how many completed a booking with you.


You can select a date range for which you would like to see the visitor behavior by clicking on the calendar symbol on the top right of the page. After selecting the dates you would like to see you will see numbers on:

Website visits: This is the number of visitors that opened your website from any possible source. That can be from online searches, links on other websites or social media.

Search: Number of visitors that searched for a room on your website. As a search counts a click on the ‘Book now’ button and selecting a check-in and check-out date.

Confirmation: This is the number of website visitors that completed a booking through your WebDirect site and received the instant booking confirmation.


At the bottom of the funnel visual, you see a percentage that represents the conversion rate of your WebDirect site. This is the percentage of people from all website visitors in the selected period, that turned into a successful booking.

To gain more insight on the characteristics of your website visitors, have a look at the ‘Website visitors’ section in the ‘Analytics’ tab. More information about the ‘Website visitors’ section can be found in this article.