ChoicePro and ADA compliance

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The legal requirements for your ChoicePro site may vary depending on your property’s location and the laws applicable to you and your site visitors. You are responsible for reviewing and complying with all such legal requirements and applicable laws.

What is ADA?

In short, ADA (The Americans with Disabilities Act) is a law prohibiting discrimination against individuals with disabilities in public life. It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in for example transportation, employment or public accommodations. It also applies to hotel reservations and can require different facilities in your property.

To learn more about the details of ADA, please have a look at the explanation from the United States Access Board here and at this explanation from the ADA National Network here.

What has ADA to do with my ChoicePro site?

You are representing your property on your ChoicePro site and it is therefore important, to be compliant with ADA. With ChoicePro you have a website which provides you with the opportunity to inform your guests about the accessibility of your property and rooms.

Customize room names

On ChoicePro you can, for example, customize your room names. This allows you to specify in the room name that a room is accessible. You can, for example, distinguish between a ‘Standard double room’ and a ‘Standard double room - accessible’, to make it clear to potential guests which room could fulfill their needs. Additionally, you can edit the room description which gives you the possibility to further elaborate on accessibility details. The description could, for example, specify wheelchair accessibility, specifics of the bathroom or which floor the room is on.

You can find a step by step guide on how to change room names or customize the room description can be found here.

Customize property description

Besides describing your rooms, you can also add a new page to your ChoicePro site to elaborate your accessibility levels of the whole property.

Adding a new page dedicated to accessibility gives you the chance to set the right expectations with your potential guests and inform them in detail about your facilities.

The descriptions on that page could, for example, elaborate on facilities such as parking, restaurants, level access, ramps, elevators and its suitability for guests with limited mobility. You can also describe audio support such as hearing loops or refer to the accessibility of transportation and attractions in your area. Not sure how to add a new page to ChoicePro? Please follow the step by step instructions in this article. You could place this page for example in the footer of your ChoicePro site if you wish. In order to do that you firstly need to create the page as described in the instructions and afterward you can move the page to the footer. Please find the complete guide here.   

Accessibility logo on your ChoicePro

When selecting any of the amenities under the Accessibility category in the extranet (Extranet>Property>Room Amenities>Accessibility), in the room details and in the reservations' pages will be displayed the icon on the room block indicating the accessibility of the room.