Understanding Promotions, Special Rates, Static, and Dynamic Packages

Although similar, Promotions, Special Rates, Static and Dynamic Packages have different meanings. Here below a description of their differences.

Special Rates

Choice properties can offer Special rates on their website. Special Rates are, for example, rates that are only available for a certain target group: such as for guests who are 60 years and older, rates for veterans, military travelers or government officials.

Static Packages

Choice properties can offer Static Packages on their website. Static Packages allow offering services such as breakfast, park and fly, and other additional services.

In order to activate static packages on your website, you can follow this guide.

Dynamic packages and Promotions

Dynamic packages can be added to the BackOffice of your ChoicePro and can then be booked by website visitors who have the qualifying code which enables the specific dynamic package. As a dynamic package, you can think of for example a Wellness Package or a Christmas special.

To learn how to set up Dynamic Packages, click on this link.

With Promotions, instead, you can think of special discounts such as a discount for customers who stay more than two nights, a welcome gift, and similar promotions.

To learn how to set up promotions and more, click on this link.