When contacting my provider for support, what information should I provide?

Successfully connecting domains to websites is a common issue for domain providers.

If you have an existing website, please make sure to set up your 301 redirects before contacting your provider. 

When contacting your provider for support, in general there are two important changes you'll want to enquire about: 

  • First, that your A record is pointing to the Booking ChoicePro IP address
  • And second, that the 'www' CNAME record for your site redirects to suite-sites.booking.com

You can use the template below to contact your provider and request these changes be made:


I am reaching out to connect my domain (INSERT YOUR DOMAIN HERE), which I registered with your service for my website. To set this up correctly, I need to change the A record for my root domain to point to In addition, I would like to create a redirect for my 'www' CNAME record to 'suite-sites.booking.com'.

Note that I am not requesting a transfer of my domain – I will continue to manage it with your service. Please make the required changes to my account.

Thank you!