Add or remove languages to your website

To make sure that potential guests from different countries understand what your property is offering, you might want to get your website translated. Our system will work with a translation tool to complete the translations. You will have the option to edit these translations once they are there. 

To get your website translated in additional languages, follow these steps:

1. Log into your BackOffice and go to Content > Languages

2. You will see a page with the languages that our system can translate your website in. Click on + Add or Remove Languages.


3.  Select the languages in which you would like to get your website translated and click on Save Changes. 

  1. Remember to Save and Publish the changes to make them visible on your live website.
    2018-10-17_14h34_50__1___1_.png 2018-10-17_14h29_42__1_.png

N.B. To delete one language, please deselect the language from the above-mentioned page.