Add gallery photos

To show your potential guests the best of your property, we highly recommend you to add high quality photos to your website. 

To add photos to your website’s gallery follow these steps:

  1. Log into your BackOffice and go to Content > Pages > Primary Menu > Photos > Edit

  2. To create a new album: Click on the yellow button + Add an Album on the upper right corner of the page 

  3. To add a photo to an existing album: Go to the photo album to which you would like to add the photo and click Edit Album

    Click on the yellow button + Add Photos on the upper right corner

  4. Upload one or more photos to your album.

  5. Once you have uploaded the photo(s), click on the blue Save button on the lower right corner

Tip: We recommend high resolution photography that’s at least 1080x540 pixels and between 3-6 horizontal (landscape) photos for each slideshow.