Content Is King

Nothing beats great content. For all the tips, tricks and techniques you can try out, SEO is pointless if your customers don’t stay on your page once they find it.

Google knows this, so it will always try to reward sites with relevant content. How? By measuring how long users spend on the website and how many pages they click on inside. The longer they stay, and the more pages they look at, the better Google considers your content – and the higher it’ll push your ranking.

These fundamentals of the user’s experience are so important to the algorithm that in a recent survey by Search Engine People, 72% of marketers said the single most effective SEO tactic is relevant content creation.

What does that mean in practice? Natural and unique texts that cater to your target market, and original photos that are tagged with words that users are searching for. That way, Google is happy, your guest is happy, as well as you.

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