How To Write A Great Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are descriptions that appear under a search engine result page. Keywords in your meta description will help drive people to click on your page.

In our BackOffice, the system automatically fills in the Page Title section for you. However, you may edit the Page Title (Meta Title) to make it more specific.

Go to Content > Pages. Click on the button Edit next to the page you are interested in. Then click on Advanced Options and fill in the Meta Description section. See image below.


Here are some aspects to consider when writing your meta description:

  • Make sure each meta description on your website is unique and original
  • Write which type of property you have (hotel, B&B…) the target (family, students…) and the strength of the property (wifi, free breakfast…)
  • Write no more than 150 characters
  • Write complete sentences with correct spelling and punctuation
  • Be compelling! Give searchers a reason to click on your website over one of your competitors