Adding a Background Image

Due to Choice Brand standards, this article applies to Ascend Properties only.

An easy way to add distinction and dimension to your site design is to add a background photo. The different Styles handle background images in different ways, but in general, a photo that adds interest without creating distraction from your key content and other photography makes a good choice.

Styles Avenue, Focus, and Aura overlay the photo background with color, so that text and and images in contact with the background will stand out.

Style Frame features a selected background image without a tint, so a more abstract image will work well. Try a large scale blur for a modern look and feel or a dark textured watercolor for a more organic look.

To add a background image please go to your BackOffice and click on Content > Branding & Design. Next, click on the "Add Image" button and select your preferred background image. You can check your preview to make sure you chose the right image. Finally, publish all changes to update your website.