Changing Your Blueprint

A BookingSuite website provides an opportunity to showcase the best features of your property with quality content and to introduce guests to your brand promise. Your content should take center stage and our Styles are designed to complement, rather than compete with, your assets and your brand. You can make the best Style selection for your property website by considering the quality of your photos, the shape of your logo, the intensity of your colors, and the general look and feel you want to evoke.

Your customization can take a Style in any direction, but as a starting point, see below for the baseline look and feel of each Style.

  • Avenue: minimalist and refined
  • Focus: bold and bright
  • Frame: dimensional and dramatic
  • Edge: modern and open
  • Ascent: light and sophisticated
  • Aura: clean and contemporary
  • Summit: light and sophisticated
  • Crest: clean and contemporary

To change your website design please go to your BackOffice and click on Content > Branding & Design. Select your preferred design style and click on Preview. You can try several styles and once you find the ideal match for your property click on Publish.