Changing Your Logo Image

Adding a logo to your site helps to establish your brand on first glance and assures visitors already familiar with your property that they have landed on the right page.

The best image file format for use on your website is .png, as this format offers the most readable and crisp view of your logo across different screen sizes.

To ensure that your logo stands out, be sure that it has enough contrast with the background color of the masthead area of your site. If you don’t upload a logo, not to worry. Visitors to your site will see your property name in text in the masthead. If you want to create a logo, try an online tool such as GraphicSprings.

To add a logo to your website go to your BackOffice and click on Content > Branding & Design. Next, click on the "Add Logo" button and upload your logo. You can check your preview to make sure you chose the right logo. Finally, publish all changes to update your website.