How do I add a contact form?

What is a custom contact form builder?

With a custom contract form builder, you can create customised forms for guests to contact you about specific topics. When guests fill in the form, their message will be sent directly to an email address of your choice.

A custom contact form is designed to be useful for handling guest requests outside of general inquiries; for example guest questions/requests regarding events and trips during their stay.

How do I build a custom contact form?

  1. Access your ChoicePro BackOffice and navigate to any custom article;
  2. Create a contact form by selecting 'Insert', and choosing 'Form', which will take you into the form builder:


  1. Select a 'Category', then 'Title' (this will appear on your website, with the exception of "no title");
  2. Provide an email address for where you want the completed contact form to be sent;
  3. Reorder the fields by selecting the 8 dots to drag and drop;
  4. Select or deselect fields to appear on your live website by hitting the plus (+) or minus (-) button;
  5. Toggle whether guests are required to fill out a field or not by choosing 'Optional' or 'Required'


How do I add contacts to receive messages sent by guests?

The contact information displayed on your website is taken from the ‘BookingSuite Direct Website’ contact field in your extranet. The first contact in the field is used for all website information. 

By default, this contact will always receive any guest inquiries. If you would like to include more contacts, simply add additional ones to ‘BookingSuite Direct Website’ in your extranet. Once done, the drop-down field for 'Recipient email address' on your contact form will automatically update with all contact options.

If you would like to log in to your extranet to update your contact details, you can click the question mark symbol next to 'Recipient email address' and click the link shown. You will automatically be redirected to the extranet tab where you can make the desired changes.