Custom Link in Main Navigation

What is a custom link out?

A custom link out enables you to link to existing pages within your ChoicePro website, or connect to a custom URL outside of your ChoicePro site.

- Internal pages: by linking to an existing page within your website, you are able to highlight promotions, renovations, important messages, etc.

- External websites: by linking to an external website, you can steer your guests towards a blog, your social media accounts, etc.


How do I create a custom link out?

  1. Access your ChoicePro BackOffice and navigate to the 'Content' tab;
  2. Select 'Pages', 'New Pages', 'Select a Page Layout', and finally, 'Custom Link', 'Create'

How do I create an internal link out?

  1. Select 'Link to existing page' and choose the page you would like to link out to from the drop down menu;
  2. Below the drop-down menu, you will notice the option to select “Open in a new window”. Should you select this, your website will open the selected link in a new browser window, keeping the old window open.

How do I create an external link out?

  1. Select 'Link to custom URL' and enter the website URL you would like to link out to.